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At Prime Craft, we understand that no matter how high the performance of the materials you are using, your floor is only has the potential to be as good as your prep work beneath it. For this part of the process many painters, handymen, and do it yourself coating installers turn to acid etching. This method is cheap and easy although it is the least affective way to prep a floor and does very little to aid in bonding of materials. Professional coatings installers, in modern times, almost all use the same method of prep;  diamond grinding. At Prime Craft our planetary diamond grinders turn the most beat up, corroded, and uneven slabs of concrete into smooth clean white concrete. Almost every customer is completely amazed and how much better their concrete looks just after prep. Also at prime Craft we never coat over an existing coating of any kind. We bond very well to concrete and we will not put our faith in the work of unknown others. Luckily for us we have special tooling on our planetary grinders that can remove coatings quickly and efficiently.

Along with our planetary diamond grinders and smaller detail grinders we at prime Craft employ high powered HEPA vacs that capture over 95% of all dust.

After we are satisfied that our floor is prepped to perfection we use special attachments on our HEPA vacs to vacuum the concrete and remove all the dust from the pores of the concrete. This step is just as important as every other step of the process. If the dust is not removed thoroughly from the pores even the best coatings will not be able to absorb and bond.

After vacuuming the concrete we remove any residual dust with high powered blowers and fans. Next we begin the process of coating. For our full floors we begin by first installing our primer coat. We install this coat no matter what quality of concrete we are dealing with. The primer coat goes down with 25% pigment and seals/bonds to the concrete and creates a base for the next 3 coats. Skipping a primer almost always results in shadowing in the base coat and exposes the flakes to moisture from the slab which can many times result in failure of the floor.

After our primer coat is installed any repairs will be much easier to identify and we then use our same polyaspartic materials to patch the floor. To do this we make a small mix of our polyaspartic resin with it’s hardener and add a product called cabo-sil which is form of powdered fiberglass. The cabo-sil turns the polyaspartic into a putty which can then be used to patch the floor. After all repairs have been made and our canvas (floor) is back to its original flawless finish we install our base coat with full flake broadcast. This requires an experienced team as the materials set up very quickly and the flakes must be broadcast within 5 minutes of rolling the base coat. With our full flake system we broadcast our flakes to rejection or more than is needed to completely blanket the floor. After our base coat has completely hardened we blow all excess flakes to one corner and collect for reuse on another project. After all the flakes have been blown and collected we scrape the floor twice to ensure a smooth floor that will not be rough to walk on. After scraping the floor is blown again to one corner and this time any remaining flakes are discarded not to be used again. The final steps of the project are to seal the flakes. Many companies include a single clear coat over their flake coat. We at Prime Craft, always wanting to separate ourselves and give our customers the highest quality floors on the market include two clear coat over every full flake floor. This extra clear coat not only adds a ton of extra gloss to the floor but it also makes the floor much more durable and much easier to maintain. After completion of the clear coats our floors can be walked on in as quickly as 45 minutes after completion of the project and items can be moved back in the same day! As far as vehicle traffic we ask 48 hrs due to the extra clear coat to ensure the floor has had sufficient time to cure so no tire marks will be left in the floor.

All of our full flake floors include a 10 year limited lifetime warranty which protects against failure and discoloration. Once your floor is down you can rest easy knowing it will look amazing for the rest of your days. We spare no expense in making sure we are using the highest quality materials available to protect the integrity of our name and the integrity of the floors we leave behind.